28 April 2020

Béal an Átha Móir Seán Ó hEislin

Over the last couple of weeks there has not been much good news about, but we are delighted
to hear that James Boyle and Rachel Regan have been blessed with a little baby boy James
Alexander. We would like to wish James , Rachel and baby James Alexander all the best for
the future and we look forward to baby James joining the nursery !!

Help if needed

Folks as part of the response to the COVID emergency BSOH are working with Leitrim
county council to help provide support to people in our community. We have compiled a list
of volunteers from the club who will try and assist you if required.
Don’t be afraid to call on any of the following members who will help where possible.

Michael McTague (086) 390 6791
Ber Hamill (086) 898 5997
Joe Feeley (086) 830 1169
Anthony O’Donnell 087 931 7983
Joe Honeyman 086 3823199
Fiona Reynolds 087 251 7248
Patsy Connaughton 087 6846578
Anne Shanley 086 853 8412
Celia Donoghue 087 6662111
Denis Dolan 085 730 3163
John Fanning 087 649 0198
Conor Harte 086 1706271
Helena Darcy 087 237 8514
Janet McManus 086 8490497

If anyone else would like to offer assistance Patsy Connaghton is coordinating and will
forward those names to leitrim county council as part of the local community response.
Anyone interested send him your details to (087) 684 6578 and please forward to any other
club members.

Club Lotto

Our weekly lotto draw has been suspended for the next few weeks until this situation
improves. All online entries are safe and have been paused until the draw begins and the
same with anyone who has bulk bought they have been tracked and once resume your entries
will as well.

Congratulation !

Congrats to one of our star players Aoibhinn Keegan who was runner up in the GAA
Museum writing competition  GAA Legend Check out Aoibhinns entry by clicking on the
link. Congrats again to Aoibhinn on a Fantastic achievement
See below for Aoibhinn’s winning entry

A GAA Legend

My name is Kate Kilkenny and this is the story of how I won an All-Ireland.
It was the year 2020 and I was at the top of my game, playing with my club’s senior team. I
was the team captain and I had never played so much football in my life.
One Sunday night I was chilling on my couch with my dog Rosco, when suddenly *bling
bong bing* my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen, it was an unknown number, but I
still answered. “Hellooo? Kate’s phone,” I shouted.

A man said, “Hi Kate, it’s Dave Moran here, I was wondering if you would like to come and
participate in the Senior Dublin County Trials.”
I screamed and replied with a high-pitched “Yes!” Dave gave me the details of the trial and
after I hung up, me and my dog jumped around the kitchen with joy.
The following Saturday I was in my car on the way to county trials for Dublin. I was only 19
years old and I couldn’t believe this was happening. When I got there my stomach basically
shot out of my mouth and landed all the way in Leitrim -- that’s what it felt like anyway.
When I got to the football pitch, there were no women there, only men.

I thought I had the wrong address, but out of nowhere a man came up behind me and said,
“Kate, it’s Dave Moran, I spoke on the phone to you. I’m so glad you could come down.”
I thought to myself, This man must be mad, but I was wrong. It turned out they wanted me, a
woman, to try out for the men’s team -- the Senior Dublin County Team. Dean Rock had torn
his cruciate ligament and they wanted a replacement. I didn’t think I could do it but I forced
myself to put my boots on and I played my heart out.

A week or two went by and I thought there was no chance I would get picked. Then one
evening I was on my laptop when I got an email from Dave Moran.

Dear Miss Kilkenny,
I am happy to say you made the panel and I can’t wait to see what you will bring.
I couldn’t believe it, it felt like a dream – all my Christmases together were not as amazing as
that moment.
A few months later, after many tough training sessions, the All-Ireland Final came. Mayo
were our opposition for the match. I was on the bench, which made me sad, but then again I
was the only woman on the panel.
Come the last ten minutes of the match, Mayo were up by two points when Dave, our
manager, called out, “Kate, it’s time for your debut!”
I ran out onto the pitch with nerves jangling in my stomach. There were two minutes left
when our team got the ball and Johnny Cooper passed to me. I felt sick but he screamed at
me, “G’wan, ya legend!”
I dodged players like having to eat vegetables and took a shot. My whole life was flashing
before my eyes as the ball flew through the air but it went wide.
With one minute left on the clock, things weren’t looking good. I thought to myself, Did I
just ruin our chance of winning? as the Mayo keeper kicked out the ball. It flew close to me
so I leapt in the air with my hands up and, to my surprise, I caught the ball.
This was my chance to prove that I belonged. I grabbed the ball and blasted it goalward...

BANG! It went right into the roof of the net. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then the ref blew
his whistle, and it was all over. Dublin had won and I had helped them win it.
Hill 16 started chanting at me, “Legend, legend, LEGEND,” and we got to lift the Sam
Maguire. It was the best feeling ever.
I couldn’t believe I was the first woman to win a men’s All Ireland..


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